With the launch of this year’s real ice rinks coming ever closer, we thought now would be a great time to give you our top 5 tips for first time skaters who are nervous about getting on the ice!

Christmas Ice Rinks
  1. ‘Your Going to Fall!’

No really, you are. The most important thing is to fall properly!

  • Never put your hands above your head – this will likely cause you to fall backwards with a high chance of hitting the back of your head.
  • To avoid ‘A’, fall towards the ice and choose a side you want to land on – an assist fall!
  • Finally, always fall with your hands in a fist, this avoids fingers getting caught by the blades of other skaters!

2. Getting up!

Keep trying, but get up properly! Never give up.

  • Come to on both knees
  • Choose your dominant leg to stand on
  • Put both hands either side of the leg you are choosing to stand on
  • Slowly and steadily push yourself up!

3. Under 6?

  • Become a living penguin! Waddle along in the same motion, like the Charlie Chaplin walk
  • Make sure you have a dual blade skates on, specially made to provide extra stability
  • Failing that ‘A’ and ‘B’, use a skate aid and get push around by mum and dad!

4. Everyone else?

  • Keep your feet in a ‘V’ and try to walk, naturally pushing forward, eventually coming to a glide
  • If starting out, begin with very small strides. There’s no shame in starting out as a penguin!

5. Stopping!

  • Never go at a speed that you can’t control with a stop
  • Bend your knees and choose one foot, bending your ankle to create a half snow plough stop

If you follow these simple tips for first time skaters, you will be having fun skating along in no time!

A special thanks to Mike Aldred for providing great tips for this article!!

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