We have been creating and running temporary installations here at Christmas Ice Rinks since 2004, and because of this, we have learnt a few things over years of operation.

Christmas Ice Rinks

There are so many benefits to providing your town with a temporary ice rink, so we thought we would take the time to share of few of these with you:

1) Footfall: With the rise of internet shopping and ease of access to all kinds of products at our finger tips, it’s no surprise that most people want a reason to leave the comfort of their own homes. Yes, some still love the physical experience of visiting a shop and seeing products first hand, but to many, it’s simply easier to shop online. Placing a temporary rink in your town centre or shopping outlet may give people the inspiration to link a visit to an ice rink with a Christmas shopping spree.

2) Sense of Occasion: A temporary open-air ice rink provides an atmosphere that generates a feeling of Christmas that can get lost in the busyness of modern-day life or the rush to get everything ready. It’s an activity that can be experienced alone or with friends and loved ones, and with sessions capped at one hour, it makes it the perfect activity to combine with other activities that same day.

3) Unique: Outside of certain cities and towns in the United Kingdom that are lucky enough to have permanent ice rinks, a high-quality temporary rink with real ice, is most definitely the next best thing, outside of taking the risk of skating on a frozen lake [which we do not recommend]. Due to this, it’s a sport that has a limited access, so when it becomes available, individuals are more likely to give the experience a go.

4) Price: Even adult skaters can attend a session for less than what it would cost an individual to go the cinema. That includes boot hire.

5) Space and Usage: Filling ‘dead space’ during a festive period is always a good idea at a town or shopping outlet. Overall it will make your site look more appealing.

These are our top five picks for why having a temporary ice rink is a great choice for your town and shopping centre. We have lots more, but were leave that for another time!