It is possible to hire both real and synthetic ice rinks but, at Christmas Ice Rinks, we strongly believe that nothing beats real, genuine ice. Read on to discover the benefits of a real ice rink installation over a synthetic option.

Authentic Skating Experience:

A real ice rink offers a more authentic skating experience than a synthetic ice rink. Skating on real ice is smoother and more natural, allowing skaters to achieve higher speeds and perform more complex maneuvers.

Better Skating Performance:

Skaters can achieve better performance on real ice due to the quality of the ice surface. Real ice is more responsive, allowing for better control and precision in movements, which is especially important for competitive skaters.


Real ice is generally considered safer than synthetic ice. Real ice is less likely to cause skates to snag or slip, which can result in injuries. Synthetic ice can also become damaged over time, causing ridges or bumps that can cause skaters to trip or fall.


Real ice rinks are generally more durable than synthetic ice rinks. While synthetic ice may require less maintenance, it is susceptible to damage from skates, causing the surface to wear down and lose its integrity over time.

Environmentally Friendly:

Real ice rinks are often considered more environmentally friendly than synthetic ice rinks. Synthetic ice is made from petroleum-based plastics, which can be harmful to the environment. Real ice rinks, on the other hand, can be constructed using environmentally sustainable materials and practices.

Overall, while synthetic ice rinks may be a more cost-effective option in some cases, a real ice rink offers a more authentic, safer, and higher quality skating experience.

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