Last year’s Christmas ice rink at Gloucester Quays saw ten of thousands of skaters make their way onto its real ice, making it one of our most successful years. The open-air rink also saw improvements this past season in the form of a better layout, providing more space on the ice with the same capacity as previous years, housed within a winter wonderland aesthetic.

Christmas Ice Rink at Gloucester Quays
Gloucester Quays Christmas Ice Rink

There is never a dull moment at our ice rink installation, even during our quieter early morning time slots. One such individual, a man aged 60+ began preforming spins, tricks and jumps, leaving everyone watching in amazement at his level of skill and grace on the ice. We also began a photo album of the best pictures taken by customers whilst skating, displayed through our Facebook feed.

Christmas is a wonderful time of year to let imagination flourish and to experience activities that are not usually available. Providing a temporary rink using real ice, not only assists in the Gloucester Quays Shopping Outlets footfall, but it also provides a unique and fun pastime for families and individuals both local and further afield. This year, we saw budding skating enthusiasts from as far as Canada and New Zealand, skating with our loyal local following.

Wherever you are from, we want to thank you for your support of the rink. We were pleased to provide a special Christmas experience for our visitors; as we are always striving to achieve this!