Why Use Christmas Ice Rinks

Why Use Christmas Ice Rinks

Christmas Ice Rinks has provided bespoke real ice rinks to public and private sector organisations across the UK for over 15 years. Here, we look at the benefits of choosing our specialised services and the advantages of real ice rinks over synthetic ones for Christmas events.

Gloucester Quays Christmas Ice Rink 2023

Services Offered by Christmas Ice Rinks

Our clients love that our comprehensive services include setting up and managing ice rinks during the festive season. These services often include:

  • Installation and Dismantling: The ice rink will be professionally installed at your chosen location and efficiently dismantled post-event.
  •  Maintenance: Regular maintenance throughout the hire period ensures the ice remains in perfect condition for skaters.
  •  Skate Hire: Skates in various sizes will be provided to accommodate all participants, ensuring everyone can enjoy the experience.
  •  Staffing: Trained staff to oversee the rink, assist skaters, and ensure safety at all times.
  •  Ancillary Services: These may include lighting, music, and decorations to create a festive atmosphere, as well as possibly food and drink options.


  • Expertise in Real Ice Rinks: As we specialise in real ice rinks, this provides a superior skating experience for visitors, offering the authenticity and quality that synthetic rinks might not match.
  •  Comprehensive Packages: From setup to management, we provide all-encompassing packages, making the process hassle-free for event organisers, which includes councils.
  •  Customisation: With Christmas Ice Rinks, you can tailor the size and shape of the ice rink to fit your specific venues or themes, providing a personalised touch to your Christmas event.
  •  Safety and Quality Assurance: We emphasise safety measures and high-quality equipment to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all visitors.

Real Ice Rinks for Christmas Ice Rink Hire

Choosing real ice rinks over synthetic ones for Christmas events has several advantages:

  • Authentic Experience: Real ice provides an authentic skating experience that is hard to replicate on synthetic surfaces. The quality of glide and the feel of the ice underfoot are unmatched, making it a more memorable experience for participants.
  •  Atmosphere: Real ice rinks can contribute to the magical atmosphere of Christmas events, offering a traditional and enchanting experience that complements the festive season.
  •  Performance: For those serious about skating, real ice offers the performance characteristics needed for practicing skating skills effectively.

We are proud to deliver high-quality, real ice skating experiences for annual festive events throughout the UK. The choice of a real ice rink, alongside the professional services offered, can significantly enhance the charm and appeal of any Christmas event, making it a memorable occasion for participants and spectators alike.

The recent real outdoor installation at Gloucester Quays was a huge success, resulting in the most popular festive ice rink at the venue ever. We cannot wait to get started on the ice rink installation for 2024’s festive period.

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